What Is The Definition Of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is evolving everyday around us. It means so much more then it did just a few years ago. To come up with the real definition of Internet marketing you have to go back to the beginning and then follow this evolution.

Webopedia defines Internet marketing this way: “Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails.

Promoting something on the Internet is Internet marketing. This does not have to be for profit. It does not even have to be selling something.

People search the Internet for things. If you offer what they are looking for you are marketing to them.

My blog is set up to offer tips on how to do Internet marketing. When I started it I had a pretty clear idea of where I wanted to take it, but I quickly saw that the topic of Internet marketing can mean many things.

This is why I set up categories to break Internet marketing down into smaller sub themes. This lets me focus on a particular part of Internet marketing so I am giving my readers an easy way to navigate around my blog.

In my case I am earning a profit using the Google Adsense affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is a major part of Internet marketing.

Affiliates make money by the click, by the lead, or by the sale. When people click on an ad Google sells the blogger makes money. Nothing is being sold by the blogger, but the ad sale is made by Google.

The Internet marketing is done by the blogger for Google. They pay out billions of dollars back to their affiliates.

Your goal with Internet marketing is getting more people viewing your products and services. This can be done with both paid or free advertising.

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Yahoo/Bing Marketing, email solo ads, and many more are quick ways to do paid advertising. Of course this takes some skill to pull off so you want to start small and scale as your profits increase.

Social media marketing is the top way many Internet marketers promote today. WordPress blogs have become websites.

Interacting with Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites can lead to massive traffic for your promotions. Adding You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest, and other visual social media is a great way to increase your Internet marketing efforts as well.

What Is The Definition Of Internet Marketing?