Blogging And Your Internet Marketing Advantage

Blogging To Create An Internet Marketing AdvantageBlogging for profit requires an attention to Internet marketing details that blogging for fun does not.

When you are looking to use your blog as an Internet marketing tool your ultimate goal is to get more traffic which can then in turn lead to more sales and more profit.

I have found that using blogging as an Internet marketing tool helps eliminate the need for learning about all of the other types of Internet marketing strategies to get traffic. This is true because a blog post can be used in a number of ways that ultimately ends up being a source for unlimited traffic.

What I want to do in this article is go into more detail on how you can use blogging to create an Internet marketing advantage for your business. These are ideas you may or may not be currently doing, or may be able to do better after you read this article.

Add Quality Content

content-creation-conceptTop Internet marketers will tell you that quality content is more important than the number of blog posts you make. As a matter of fact you are better off to create one high quality blog post then you are to make five inferior posts on a weekly basis.

When you think about this it can really be used to your advantage. It takes off some of the pressure that you may feel to he constantly coming up with new ideas.

All you need to do is come up with one good idea and then put a lot of effort into creating that content. This is much better than trying to come up with 5 to 7 new blog article ideas each week.

I have always been a big proponent in studying what other bloggers are doing to come up with ideas for my own content. Spending time on research, and creating a swipe file for future content ideas, is actually a lot of fun if you’re interested in the niche your blog is in.

You can quickly begin to identify the top blogs in your niche and the ones that you want to keep up-to-date with. You may even be able to come up with better ideas to create your own quality content then what they are doing.

Quality content is something that has real value to your reader. It needs to be fresh, unique, and written in your own voice which can lead to new readers as well as return readers of the articles your posting.

Quality content includes images, and videos, as well as text. It should also include headline tags that make it easy to lay the article out just like I’m doing in this article.

Keyword Phrases

keywords-internet-searchQuality content includes keyword phrases that search engines will use to rank your content in organic searches. As you become more professional you will want to develop a large keyword list and write what are known as themed content articles.

This content doesn’t focus on one specific keyword, but rather focuses on a group of keywords that you are placing within the article. Doing this allows you to rank on search engines such as Google for more than one keyword phrase.

Number Of Words

The length of the article is also important in terms of the quality. Search engines want to see 1000 to 2000 word articles and this is another reason why you want to spend more time on quality and less time on creating more posts. The more words you have the more chances you have for search engines to find you.

I like to use my headline tags as bullet points for the articles I am writing and then I can expand on each one to reach the number of words I’m trying to write for. This also helps me keep my article focused on what needs to be written about not going off on tangents.


As your blog grows you are going to want to have specific categories that help keep your blog organized to make it easy for your readers navigate around him. The category pages can also serve as search engine bait and could end up being ranked so be sure and include a description in each one that lets them know what the category is about.

Social Media

social-media-modernBlogging gives you an excellent advantage by allowing your posts to be spread all over the Internet. This is viral marketing and is promotion being done for you.

You can play a big role in this by bookmarking each article into your own social media accounts. At the very least we should include Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instantgram.

I would also throw You Tube into this if you want to take your posts and create videos out of them. Once you publish the video on YouTube you can link back to your blog home page or the specific log URL the video was created about. You should also published the embed code from the video on your blog post listed as a related video just like I’m doing at the bottom of this post.

Promote Your Blog

The blog post is only the beginning, but it’s the promotion of it and your blog in general that’s going to really provide you with an Internet marketing advantage. This is why the top Internet marketers spend more time on promoting their blog then they actually do on creating fresh content. For a great course on increasing ways to profit from your blog, visit my membership site at Blog Profits Program.

If you were to set a goal of creating one good quality blog post each week, and then spend the rest of your time promoting it, there’s no way you can fail with increasing the amount of traffic you get. As you become more proficient in promoting your blog you will actually find this is the real fun part of doing blogging for profit.

Earlier this year Kim Roach did a great blog post on her blog about 101 Ways To Promote Your Next Blog Post. If you were to implement even just a handful of these you would really be using blogging as an Internet marketing tool in a helpful and useful manner.

Blogging To Create An Internet Marketing Advantage
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