Welcome to my Internet marketing training site. My name is Jay Cropper and I will be updating this site on a regular basis providing tips and help on how to use the Internet to market for fun and profit.

My goal here is to provide useful information about marketing online to everyone from Internet marketing newbies to the more seasoned veterans who are just looking for fresh ideas on using the Internet to promote and make money.

Internet Marketing Training-Newbies

Internet marketing trainingThis is one of the affectionate terms that has become popular on the Internet. We are all Internet marketing newbies when we first get started.

Based on what Google tells me I know there are millions of people who come online everyday looking for ways to do Internet marketing, start an online business, work at home, make money online, and so on.

Many of you are just where I was not that long ago. Working a full time job in a challenging career, but interested in making more money and changing over to what I call the “30 Second Commute” 🙂

I am happy to report that the journey to making money online is not as mystical as it may seem. Taking the first step is often the hardest, but I am here to assist you in doing just that.

Internet Marketing Training-What We Will Cover


This site will be laid out so it is easy to get around in. There is a lot that goes into Internet marketing. I am going to leave no stone unturned to provide helpful tips and opportunities you can take advantage of to accomplish whatever your personal goals are.

Some of what we will cover will include…

– advertising tips
– affiliate marketing
– blogging
– email marketing
– Internet marketing
– list building
– social media

And much more….

Internet Marketing Training-The Future

We are living in challenging and exciting times both offline and online. Sometimes what happens in the real world affects what is going on in the virtual world. As I look ahead I personally am very excited about what the world wide web has to offer all of us.

internet-businessI do not think there has ever been a better time to get started doing Internet marketing. With all of the great tools at our disposal we have every opportunity to get back what we put in and many times more.

Let me give you an example!

You can literally start an Internet business for pennies on the dollar. For less then $20 you can buy a domain name, set up a hosting account, install a free WordPress theme, join an affiliate program such as Google Adsense, and start blogging to make money. You can even outsource all of the writing if you prefer.

This is not pie in the sky stuff, this is the real world. Millions of ordinary people just like you and me are making money all over the world. As long as you can access the Internet you can work anywhere at anytime.

People do Internet marketing on their desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet, Some go to their local library while others sit in a coffee shop like Starbucks and blog, reply to email, and make social contacts.

social-media-marketing2As a matter of fact, some do not even have a website. They join affiliate programs for free, set up social accounts on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on, and begin promoting in a passive way through posts, their profiles, etc.

You will need to learn Internet marketing skills and that is where I come in. Join my free mailing list at the top on the right hand side bar of this blog and you will get access to things that will help you.

I look forward to working to working with you and offering insightful Internet marketing training in the future.

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