How I got into Internet Marketing…

My name is Jay Cropper. I started my career as an auto mechanic.


I rebuilt my first engine at age 11. (Nice Porsche eh? – Nah – that’s not mine – it’s free to dream though! )

I went on to attend Aviation Mechanics school since I realized that auto mechanics weren’t paid  that much – no offense to auto mechanics, I have a lot of respect for what they do. When I graduated, there were no mechanic jobs to be found in aviation – there had been a massive layoff of air traffic controllers and no one wanted to hire a kid fresh out of school.


I heard that computer programmers made a decent living, so I decided to buy a PC and teach myself how to program so I could find something more lucrative.
I worked for years in IT development, support, consulting and then sales- then back to delivery.

I got laid off

Earlier on in my career, I created a small company -consisting of just me, to provide insulation from personal assets, which is essentially what a company is for. I used this company to perform handyman services for customers in need of home repairs which helped me keep the lights on.

In addition to this, I joined an internet based sales company to hopefully create a downline to supplement the piecework I was getting. I found quickly, that I didn’t want to sell to family and friends and be the family member that people wanted to avoid so I decided to create a warm list of buyers who bought because of the product, not because they had sympathy for me or because they felt obligated.

I sought training on how to get a warm list of clients.

I looked for alternate ways to generate a list that didn’t cost me $$ and didn’t take so long as it seems article writing would take. Not to mention, I’m not a writer and I needed content. ( Lesson Learned: I came to realize PLR content still has to be rewritten.)

I also wanted to share my experiences as I progress in this industry. That’s the reason I created this site – to help others who are starting out as there are a lot of moving parts starting up in Internet Marketing. Let’s learn together. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to find you answers if I don’t already have them!

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