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Are you familiar with PLR products. PLR is short for private label rights and these products have been the source for many Internet marketers to quickly create websites, blogs, ebooks, and video and audio products among other things.

As you can imagine over time this can create a lot of duplicate content when these private label rights products are all being used with the exact same text. In many cases this content is being used to entice somebody to join an email list, or it may just be sold exactly as is.

What we want to do in this article is talk about some of the benefits of making PLR products unique, and how that can actually benefit you as an Internet marketer. There are ways you can do this correctly to really help your online business stand out from your competitors.

How To Use Them

You may purchase PLR products from an another Internet marketer in a specific form. For example, let’s say that you’re buying a packet of 10 articles for $10.


articles-help-textYou could take these 10 articles and rework and so they are 100% unique. You do this by rewriting the articles, running them through Copyscape, and when they’re 100% unique you can now post them on your website or blog. Of course to do this you need a Copyscape account which is really cheap and worth the small investment.

If you were to hire an article writer you’re going to spend $50-$100 to have these 10 articles created depending on the number of words. This alone will save you a lot of money over the course of your Internet marketing career.

You would need some skills and the ability to rewrite these articles, as well as the time that it takes to do it. For many Internet marketers this is actually the first way they can make money because of the savings they achieve.


Another really good way to use the PLR content is to create videos from it. Let me give an example of exactly how you can do this.

Let’s say the you have an article that you know is already online in many different places. You join Animoto for $40 a month. This is a service where you can create text and graphic slide series of videos very easily.

You use the private label rights content and rework it to create your own videos. You publish these videos on You Tube and take the embed code from the video and create a new blog post from it.

Since Google owns You Tube they are constantly spidering that site, and will find the link back to your blog which will draw attention to it. You now have the opportunity to generate traffic from both You Tube as well as your blog.


Reworking private label rights content, and creating an ebook from it is a good freebie to offer people in exchange for their contact information. This is one of the most popular ways to start building an email list, but the advantage you have is you are making the content 100% unique so it’s different than what other Internet marketers are using. One of my favorite places to search for quality PLR articles is

Sell It

sellAnother way you can benefit from unique PLR products are to sell them. In the above examples we showed you how to use private label rights to create new content for your own use, but now we are talking about actually creating it for sale.

One of the best things about this is once you’ve created the unique content you can simply sell it over and over to other Internet marketers. You do not have to come up with any of the ideas because those are already come with the PLR products you are purchasing.

You are at this point more than just a reseller. You are actually a professional Internet marketer offering valuable content to other Internet marketers who are interested in buying it for their own use.

Let’s think about the actual application of doing this.

MIcro Niche

It’s important that you’re creating content in a niche where there’s not already and over abundant amount of content in it. For example, creating PLR content in fields such as Internet marketing, health, weight loss, or making money online, might be an uphill battle for you.

A better approach would be to choose a niche where you can drill down to the point that it’s less competitive. As an example, rather than creating Internet marketing content you might come up with very targeted creative content on how to use an email autoresponder.

Here’s another example. Instead of creating content in the weight loss niche, you might target a specific diet that is popular right now such as the HCG Diet.

You can do this on anything that’s trending where there’s an interest. Many Internet marketers specifically jump on trending niches that are looking for content in it.

This gives you the opportunity to make money very quickly by providing something that is in demand, yet has not already been over saturated. It also helps you increase your price a little bit because of the timing involved in popular trending niches.


outsourcing-conceptAs you may have guessed many profitable Internet marketers outsource the creating of fresh PLR content to another Internet marketer. Using an outsourcing site to do this is a fast way to maximize your time, as well as minimize the cost it takes to create the new content.

Examples of places where you can go to outsource reworking private label rights content would be eLance, Fiverr and Hire Writers. Of course you can use a search engine to search any specific need you might have and find a corresponding outsourced worker to fill that for you.

In summary, the benefits of making PLR products unique far outweigh using it exactly in the form you purchased it. This is true not only from a unique content standpoint, but you’re also helping clean up the Internet by providing valuable content that’s different from other Internet marketers using their PLR products exactly like everybody else is!

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How Important is Making PLR Products Unique?
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