When I started researching niche marketing, as it related to making money online, I kept coming across the term “evergreen niche” and I saw various definitions for what it meant. Ultimately I boiled those down to this: “An evergreen niche is a market that does not lose relevance and one where you can continue make money tomorrow”.

Let’s break that statement down into sub segments based on what Google tells us people are looking for related to evergreen niche.

Evergreen Niche-List Or Market

evergreen nicheMany people want a list of the best evergreen markets to get into.

This is the shortcut route to trying to find the best niche to get into and start making money faster with. It stands to reason that some niches are better then others and some are more evergreen then others.

You are going to have to do some research on your own to find a niche that you want to get into. However, thinking in terms of evergreen is good because they are the niches with longevity.

So what are these evergreen niches I am talking about.

Some of the top evergreen niches to get into according to members at the Warrior Forum.

Weight Loss
Internet Marketing
Personal Development-Self Help
Making Money

What I quickly came to realize is you can build a broad evergreen list just by looking at the categories at some of the top retail sites. Amazon is good for this. So is Wal-Mart. They tell you what people are buying just by what they offer on their website.

Evergreen Niche-Micro Niche

evergreen nicheHere is another important point about evergreen niches. When you decide on one to get into you still have to narrow it down if you want to compete.

There are really big authority sites that already dominate the market in the top evergreen niches. Unless you are coming in with a very large advertising budget you are just not going to be able to compete with these established sites for a very long time, maybe never.

So what do you do?

You take the evergreen niche you are interested in getting started with and you start drilling down to find a micro niche. This is a sub niche of of the broad category.

Here is an example!

Let’s say you are interested in fitness and you are 50 years old. One thing you could do is start a blog on “Fitness For Seniors” and develop it on tips that help senior citizens get in shape.

This is a micro niche compared to the evergreen niche of fitness. You could take that even further.

How about starting a blog on exercises that people over 50 can do to get in and stay in shape? If you are over 50 you could write about what you are doing from personal experience.

Evergreen niches are great to get into because you know they are NOT here today and gone tomorrow. This should give you confidence that the hard work you put into making money in your niche will not be in vain.

What Is An Evergreen Niche?
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