Low Cost Internet Marketing

One of the great things about marketing on the Internet is the cost. There are many low cost Internet marketing strategies you can employ. Many of these are free or very close to it.

You can launch a business online and quickly start making money by driving traffic to your blog that you are suing as a website. You do not need a big advertising budget like you would need if you started an offline business.

You do not need a budget for newspaper ads, direct mail, radio, or television. You still create visibility for your business, but you can use various Internet marketing methods to do it.

Low Cost Internet Marketing-Methods

1. Blog. Start as blog and set it up so you are adding content that serves as informational to your readers and uses search engine optimization to rank on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

2. Linking. Promote your blog url and inner page urls around the Internet creating backlinks.

This works because these links are highways back to your blog. Plus, they help establish ranking authority that search engines uses to ranke your blog for organic searches.

3. eNewsletter. Publish an email newsletter with information people enjoy reading.

Work on getting subscribers to your newsletter and then work at building relationships with those subscribers. Your newsletter can also be a great source for selling things and making money.

4. You Tube. Create videos and publish them on the thrid most visited website in the world.

Promote your videos on your blog and other social sites. Use the videos as search engine bait since Google owns You Tube.

5. Social media. Set up accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These are 3 of the largest social sites and a great source of traffic for you business.

Social media marketing has quickly become something every business must do. Look at your competitors sites and see if they have social accounts. You can not afford to be left behind them.

Low Cost Internet Marketing-Tools

6. Tools. You should have paid accounts for your hosting and domain name. You will need an autoresponder to do email marketing.

Consider getting an account with Animoto for easy video creation without a camera or microphone. Use Only Wire to promote your blog posts and new videos easily into your social accounts.

Use these strategies for low cost Internet marketing success. They are easy to use and do not cost much either.

Strategies For Low Cost Internet Marketing