List building is one tip you find recommended by everyone who teaches Internet marketing. The reason why can be summed up in two simple words….

It Works!

Granted it is more complicated then that so let’s talk about how to start building an email list and tips for capitalizing on it.

How To Start Building An Email List-Ownership

How To Start Building An Email ListI like to think of Internet marketing as building assets that pay off in the future as well as more immediately. You are the owner.

That is what an email list is. You are the owner of your subscribers contact information. You start with your first subscriber and go from there.

Long time Internet marketers own lists that number in the thousands, or even millions. Websites can come and go, but an email list is there forever if you run it correctly.

How To Start Building An Email List-Subscribers

How To Start Building An Email ListYou are not spamming anyone when you email to them because they subscribed out of their own free will. No arm twisting or gun to the head is involved.

They have opted into your list by giving you permission to send email messages to them. Some Internet marketers take the double opt in approach and require their subscribers to confirm their initial opt in.

How To Start Building An Email List-Opt In Form

How To Start Building An Email ListThis is where people subscribe to your list. You do not need anything more then an email address to send your email messages to.

You can see how I am doing it on the right hand side bar of my blog. A clean, simple, but effective sign up form works.

It is above the fold meaning my blog visitors do not have to scroll down to find it. I am inviting them, and you, to be kept in the loop on updates as I provide them.

The nice thing about putting it on the sidebar is it now shows up on every blog post automatically. This is important because as your blog grows people will come to it on post pages other then your home page, so they can subscribe no matter where they are.

How To Start Building An Email List-Landing Page

Another way to get subscribers is to promote a landing page. These are also known as a squeeze page, or splash page.

You have no doubt come across these when you search the Internet for information. These really underscore the importance of list building.

Promoting a landing page means you are primarily concerned about getting their contact information. This is a good way to complement the list building you are doing on your blog.

We all start building our list one subscriber at a time. When you do this on your blog it is a very passive and easy way to get started, and to continue on in the future.

How To Start Building An Email List

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