In Part II of our series on choosing a niche for your Internet business we want to talk about using how you will make money as a basis for choosing a good niche. We will also look at how you can find products to sell for your niche if you do not have anything to sell when you first get started.

Choosing A Niche-Making Money In MLM

choosing a nicheThe whole point of starting a Internet business is to make money. That is why it is called a business, right? 🙂

One advantage the Internet offers to anyone who wants to start a business online are the various business models that can be promoted to make money. Some people will choose a niche based on how they’re going to make money.

For example, a popular way for people to get started within their own Internet business is to join an MLM company. Depending on the business opportunity you join your niche may be decided for you.

A good example of this is long time successful billion-dollar MLM business opportunity, Mary Kay. If you decide to join this business opportunity your niche is going to be focused on selling cosmetics.

Choosing A Niche-Making Money In Affiliate Marketing

choosing a nicheA popular business model that also does very well for money online is affiliate marketing. With this business model you can make money in four ways.

1. Pay per click. You can see this is how I’m monetizing my blog here. I have joined the Google Adsense affiliate program and when people click on one of the ads I have here on my site I earn a commission from Google.

2. Pay per lead or cost per action. Wen you fill out a lead form online you might be making that website owner a commission. If you download some free software that might be another way that the site is being monetized by that affiliate marketer.

3. Pay per sale. Selling digital products from Click Bank would be a good example of this. Selling physical products in the Amazon affiliate program would be another. There are literally millions of things you can sell online and make money as an affiliate marketer.

4. 2 tier affiliate programs. Recruit affiliates and make money when they sell something. You also still earn commissions on your own sales so this gives you two ways to make money in your niche.

I have given you several examples of how you can make money with the niche you have chosen. The products can be the primary factor in the niche that you choose, or once you have decided on a niche you can use the business model to pick the products you’re going to promote.

Choosing A Niche For Your Internet Business Part II