choosing a nicheWhen a new person is wanting to start an Internet business one hurdle they often face is what niche should they choose. If you already have something in mind this isn’t a problem, but for millions of people who want to make money online this is one of the first major obstacles they run into.

There are several things you can analyze when it comes to choosing a niche for your Internet business. Let me discuss a few of those with you in Part I of this topic.

Choosing A Niche-Passion Or Expert

Some Internet experts will tell you that starting your business in a niche you are an expert at, or have a passion for, is a good way to get started. This certainly can be true if there is a market for products you can promote in that niche.

1. Passion. You see a lot of people start their Internet business in something they’re really interested in or are very passionate about.

This has often worked out to be excellent for people who start blogs and want write about things they are doing as a hobby, or enjoy researching and learning more about. It’s much easier to blog on something you’re passionate about then it is on something you do not have any interest in.

2. Expert. Perhaps you are an expert in a certain field, or maybe you become an expert on something because of the career you currently have, or had in the past.

When you create content from a position of experience you are much more believable. The key question to ask yourself is how can you turn your expertise into a profitable Internet business?

Choosing A Niche-Popular Or Trending

choosing a nicheThere are certain niches that are always going to be popular and there will always be a market for. These are referred to as evergreen niches. A couple of examples of those would be weight loss, or health and fitness.

Another way to choose a niches to see what’s trending in the marketplace right now. This may not be a long-term solution, but could be a good way to make a lot of money right now when there is a hot trend you can capitalize on.

One important point on choosing a niche based on popularity, or what is trending, is you want to dig down and find a micro-niche. For example, instead of starting an Internet business on weight loss, you might choose a micro-niche and start a blog on the South Beach diet. This allows you to get very focused, and there will be less competitors in a micro-niche then in a more broad based niche like weight loss.

These are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a niche for your Internet business. Obviously other things such as what products you are going to sell, and how you’re going to promote them come into play, and we will talk about those in our next Part II of choosing a niche for your Internet business.

Choosing A Niche For Your Internet Business Part I