writing a good blog articleI want to talk about what goes into writing a good blog article. As a newbie Internet marketer you are going to be doing a lot of blogging. This is one of the primary methods of social media that works, and anyone can do it effectively with a little bit of practice.

If you do a Google search for some of the top blogs in your niche you’re going to see what most of them have in common. You’ll find they contain content that mixes in words, graphics, videos, and in some cases audio.

Writing A Good Blog Article-SEO

writing a good blog articleIn this article we will look closer at writing a good blog article. We will talk about graphics, videos, and audio in another article.

Google is on record as saying they like longer articles. From a search engine optimization standpoint longer articles have a better chance to rank because they contain more words.

All of your content is going to be spidered. Over time you can begin to show up on Google and other search engines for keywords that you weren’t even originally trying to write for.

Articles that are in the 400-600 word range are great. Feel free to go even longer and create blog posts that are a thousand words or even more if you have something worthwhile to say.

Let’s briefly lay out what makes a good blog article and analyze the various items that go into creating it.

Writing A Good Blog Article-Layout

writing a good blog article1. Theme. What is the main point of the article? Know in advance what you’re going to be blogging about. It’s much easier to develop a quality article then it is to ramble on and on hoping to figure out what the theme of the article is as you create it.

2. Keyword rich title. Much has been written about creating titles that catch your reader’s eye.

There’s an art to this and you may want to find a good report and practice writing good titles. From an SEO standpoint you want to get your primary keyword phrase in the title.

3. Opening paragraph. This is your introduction where you tell people what they are going to be reading in the rest of the article. Get your primary keyword phrase in here.

4. The body. Use bullet points or number each item that you’re going to be covering in the body. This will help you write the article, and it will help the readers scan it if they’re in a hurry.

Write in plain English as though you were talking to somebody. Don’t try to make yourself sound smarter than you really are. Use variations of your primary keyword phrase as they sound natural.

Writing A Good Blog Article-Wrap It Up

writing a good blog article5. Wrap it up. Summarize what you have said in your article. Confirm you have written about what you told your reader they would be reading in the introduction.

Spell check and read your article closely for proper grammar. With so many bloggers outsourcing content writing you can spot articles written by people who are not native English speaking writers.

You can also spot articles created by article writing software and article spinners. Do not use those. Take the time to write your own articles or hire a good freelance writer. Follow theses tips and you will find writing a good blog article easier to do.

Writing A Good Blog Article