exciting-opportunityMany people start out doing Internet marketing with high hopes. Nothing seems impossible. The possibilities are endless.

Then reality seeks in! I am an Internet marketing newbie, now what?

Common questions most newbies have include how am I going to make money? How much time will I need to spend everyday? How do I blog? How do I build a list?

You get the idea. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered here!

Positive Thinking-Overcoming Doubts

First of all understand it’s normal to doubt whether you can succeed or not. These doubts hit all different levels of Internet marketing, but really start at the beginning.

The main problem that I see in terms of positive thinking and Internet marketing is it is so easy to get started, but so hard to actually make money.

Think about this!

doubts-warningFor less than $25 you can purchase a domain name and set up website hosting. You can start a blog and monetize it with an affiliate program that you join for free.

In reality you are in business for yourself at that point, but you are really a long way from actually making any money.

The best way to overcome doubts, and maintain positive thinking, is to set small goals. These goals do not have to be based on the amount of income you earn. At least not initially.

A simple goal might be add 2 new blog articles every week. Promote these new blog posts in five different ways. Add one new subscriber to your mailing list every day.

And so on….

The idea is you are actually achieving something which will go a long way in helping overcome doubts. These small levels of success are important building blocks for your long-term Internet marketing success.

Positive Thinking-Business Plan

business-plan2Developing a business plan is another thing you can do that will help you stay positive about your online business. This is a long term business model, as well as daily action items you are taking to achieve your goals.

Most Internet marketers do not do this, and they spend a lot of time spinning their wheels every day. They may be actually working, but as the famous basketball coach John Wooden once said “do not mistake activity for achievement”!

Your business plan should include whether you’re going to learn new Internet marketing skills, or whether you’re going to outsource much of the day-to-day business building. Doing this will help you maintain a positive attitude as well, because you are actually achieving things that will have an affect on your long term success.

In summary understand that there’s going to be many setbacks in your Internet marketing career. This is normal just like any other business. However, if maintain a positive attitude through achieving small levels of success you will not end up another Internet marketing casualty.

What Does Positive Thinking Have To Do With Internet Marketing?

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