I really do not think I am exaggerating when I put online business Internet owners into one of two categories.

1. Smart online business owner
2. Dumb online business owner

Internet business owners are often small business owners that run their own shop, or outsource a lot of the work to commission-based employees. This means they are going to be wearing a number of hats and at the very least have to become a good manager if they want to succeed.

It’s not realistic to think that every online business owner is going to become an expert at every aspect of their business. That really is too much to ask of anyone.

However, I can tell you right up front that a dumb online business owner is somebody who really does try to do everything himself. This has probably caused more Internet business owners to fail then any other thing.

Let me give you one example.

Today many Internet business owners use blogs as websites. However, most of these business owners do not even know how to set up a blog, or how to go about adding content to their blog on a consistent basis.

Some will spend months, or even years attempting to handle this process themselves, when in reality they do not have the time or knowledge to do it. A simple things such as outsourcing the blog set up and content can free that business owner up to branch into multiple niches, work on getting traffic to their website, and so on.

Why don’t more of them become smart online business owners and resort more to outsourcing? This basically falls into a couple of different categories as well.

1. Money
2. Knowledge

Outsourcing is going to take money and many business owners feel they are better off to save that money and do the work themselves. I certainly am not against anyone doing their own blog set up for content writing, especially if that is something you enjoy.

However, typically what happens is most do not have the knowledge to handle these aspects of their business and struggle to do an adequate job of it. What happens is the blog is started, the owner falls behind on adding content, they begin to lose interest in it, and ultimately another blog fails.

To join the category of the smart online business owner a better approach is to recognize your strengths and your weaknesses and then invest a little bit of time and money into outsourcing to make sure your business is moving forward.

Are You a Smart Online Business Owner?
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